Monday, October 02, 2006

Here is a little prelim drawing I did for my favorite organization. One day I may turn this into a button/patch/tattoo. Leave comments...please.

The Majestic Tiger, greatest beast that roams our globe today! Source of poems, paintings, paranoia. Yes a killer, but so are humans (if you eat anything you've taken a life, plant or otherwise, think about it). Never tamed, perhaps only tempered, yet still terrifying. These awesome creatures are like unto GODS! Masters of their domain until the Monster Machine took power over the human consciousness. If I could spend the rest of my life drawing them I would know a measure of happiness.

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alexis said...

Tigers are sometime scarey, sometimes funny and sometimes just imagined. Sometimes they're just mascots - that's perhaps the weirdest. and why a naked white girl would ever be on the back of one of these I'll never know.
i vote button for the tiger go club! or patches that can be pinned on or sewn on !