Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Zombie Me and some other Dark Thoughts!

Not much to say about these two. I like using my brush pen again though, let me tell you. The flash and sparkle of Photoshop just doesn't hold out for me, especially since I'm so inept at using it. So from now on it's 'old school' all the way! Hopefully I'll post more frequently now? Keep your thoughts uplifted and you will reach the summit. Peace!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Through the Incandescent Window

Most mornings are the like every other. I get up. I get dressed. I go to work. Only slight variations from the norm, just enough to keep me interested. Can't complain though, many have less. Some have more, which isn't always better. Yet still this season has been long and exhausting. I feel used up. A dried out husk. The stimulation from my daily endeavors does not fulfill my heart. I feel the coldness seep into every pore. I long for the touch of the sun. In this despair I feel trapped. All of life seems like a madhouse. Then there are mornings when the mists sweep down from the mountains to caress the land about them and the sun is suspended in the fog just above the tree tops. Returning the World to it's self. Reminding me that; "Life is but a dream..."

Post Script: If you are having trouble seeing the image, try adjusting the brightness of your monitor.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Somewhere in the indefinably finite realm of vast blackness, we call space, there are rumors of a transport to other worlds. Where this transport came form and who built it? No one can say for certain. What little is known of it is often scoffed at by people who claim to be great thinkers. It's appearance is extremely rare. But let that not sway you to think that the story you are about to read is false or in anyway untrue. For all of these events did happen and were related to me by a person I have very much come to trust. The simple fact that they did not happen to you does not invalidate them. Nor should you assume this is merely some product of a writer's fancy. If you are ever to expand your conciousness beyond the little round world you live in, then look up in the night sky and watch as the stars dance along their circuit, perhaps one evening you will glimpse it. And if you are very lucky you may even catch a ride on the Space Rail.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Here's another attempt to get the lighting on the face correct. I don't think I quite nailed it. He's supposed to be bald and the shadows I placed on his forehead didn't come out the way I hoped. I'll try again later, but it felt good to return to the old-fashioned brush and ink method. It actually reminded me that I can draw good when I try (even if I can't wrote no good never.) Have a happy weekend.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Inquistor Castus

Here is a prelimenary "painting" of Castus. I would like to do a better version with more attention paid to color consistency and lighting. Specifically with the light source coming from the bottom center. I would also like to concentrate on the eyes to give them a more menacing appearance. Any criticisms, comments or cherry pies are more than welcome.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Inquisitor Morbis Kaal

This creation is another character inspired by an untold tale based on George Lucas' Star Wars Universe. Being a life-long geek I guess it's always been a dream of mine to contribute to this influential juggernaut of "science-fiction". For better or worse LucasArts has had a veritable stranglehold on the imagination of so many of us who adore specualtive future technology and the surrounding fictional stories associated with it, making it quite a task to avoid his influence.
I can't say that I enjoy LucasArt's seeming domination of the genre, but neither can I say I wouldn't jump at the chance to give my two cents. Who knows, I might just post installments of my laughable literary dreams on this very site?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Inquisitor Darth Castus

This is an old character I created for a Star Wars story my friend and I were working on. I never really got to tell the whole tale, but hopefully one day this very sinister man will become the stuff of nightmare for more people than just myself.

P.S. All apologies for the inconsistency of my posts lately. This winter has really taking more out of me than anticipated.