Saturday, September 10, 2011

To our Dear Readers,
You may have noticed the sporadic nature of our publishing schedule of late and for that we here at CNAP can only offer our most humble apologies.  We know that it is super important that you get your monthly dose of all the imagination we can muster and we endeavor always to produce top quality work, which is primarily the reason for our minimal productivity right now.  Anyone working in this medium currently can attest that it is undergoing some large changes.  We here at CNAP are intent on weathering the storms and continuing to strive for the best quality work we can produce.  We believe that imagination should never be subservient to financial concerns nor shackle itself to franchise advertising.  We are not out to create the next hollywood tie-in nor intensify logo or design identification.  We simply want to tell stories (hopefully great ones).  Our stories, though often dealing with fanciful ideas and adventurous people (who sometimes wear costumes), are meant to be like a mirror held up to reality.  It is our aim to reflect upon the real issues of our existence and present pro-active postulations of perspective.  This task is not easy given the shifting climate of contemporary entertainment appreciation.  It is our hope that you, our dear and most loyal readers, will continue to watch us here at CNAP learn and grow on our journey to produce real, hard-working speculations.  We offer our most profound thanks to those of you who have stuck by us along the way.  To those just joining us or simply browsing we invite you to stay awhile and see what happens.  Real stories don't unfold as rapidly as the technology or advertised attention span would like.  Real stories take time.  Time to make and time to experience.  Were still hard at work making art and staying away from fast food and instant gratification.  Hopefully so are you.  Thank you.
Yer Editors   

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