Friday, February 16, 2007

The Calamitous FUNderful Machine!

Accept NO substitutes! This is it! Everything you ever wanted and MORE! IF YOU pass up this opportuntity who knows when another like it will TAKE place? ALL this excitement for THE low, low price of your time! But you'll LOVE it so much, the hours you spend distractedly avoiding your primal urges and purpose will not be missed! If you act fast, we may just consider giving these things AWAY for free! Enjoy the centruy ahead of you!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stone Face

Amoungst the J'ankarra Tribe their is a belief that all beings possess the inherent understanding of purpose. That once the drive and desire are combined, great power unlocks itself from the inner stores held in reserve until this moment of materialization. The being becomes it's purpose and it's capabilities increase. All is realized and the being begins a new manifestation. One that is expressed in the simplist of functions. The SMILE.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The First and Greatest Magic!

Under the brilliant moon we saw ourselves. With unclouded thought we knew this is what we wanted to be. And so we decided to capture this manifestation. To be FOREVER. All that would come after us would see what we were. Even if they could not understand us. That was not the desire, understanding is temporary. And we suffer from amnesia. But the "truth" of what we were would be emblazoned. We would dictate ourselves to the rock, to the tree, to the star. For to live once is to live always. Nothing could take this from us. And the magic we called down from the moon was memory, engraved on any and every surface we could find.
The Floating World

Incomprehensibly the scanners registered wave upon wave of gibberish. I could not decipher the ancient sigils of computerized context script nor would the circuitry allow me an opportunity. I was merely to observe and then later process. Now was not the time for thinking or understanding. I was merely a dendrite of some larger experintial organism. Breathing as it breathed. Sweating as it swote. The meticulous behavior of the larger forms of consciousness made me feel like an insect amoung giant uncaring beings. I mattered not to them. They were the dominate. They were the power. All I could do was feed off their refuse and process it back into the raw material they would consume at some later indefinable period of their existence.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Moonage Daydream

Floating in the etheric conciousness of the outer realms semi-phoric pre-ambulance, I awoke to the sound of her voice. She sang to me from across the expanding expanse. Seperated by eons of transcendence and gulfs incalculable by human imaginings, still she begged for my prescence beside her. I struggled with the breath. I clawed at the inner filaments of my brain. I pleaded. I bargained. I compromised. Anything to wreck myself to do her bidding. If only, for one moment to stand in the engulfing light of her love and know joy. To know my purpose as only she could determine it.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Power Symbol

The first divinity was the worship of the eye. All life corresponded with it's opening and returned to darkness with it's closing. The Egyptians praised it's power, making it the Supreme Symbol of the Goddess Maat who weighs the hearts of all those passing before Osiris against a feather. The ancient Solar deities were all manifestly connected with the Eye, a giant flaming watcher in the sky. The Hindu's speak of all reality being but the time's between great Krishna's dreams. We exist while his Eye's are closed and when he opens them, we vanish. Think on the uses of the Eye. It's functioning in interpretting data and relaying information to the brain. How through the extrapolation of light we are informed of the reality around us. What beauty would you fill your eye's with? What wonder would you choose to behold? My Eye's are more than just windows, they are my first memories and they shall be my last when once again I descend into eternal darkness.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Eyes Have It!

Gazing into the immeasurable vastness of the expanse, one was only allowed to process so much. Everything else could merely be observed and hopefully recalled at a later period of contemplation. The cornea of the universe seized only what pleased it, and manufactured inverted imagery into incomprehensible sensibility. One's imagination knew no limits for a brief time span before the iris contracted. Until eventually the illumination ceased, leaving the watcher to dwell in darkness, waiting for the light to return.