Friday, October 06, 2006

D&D Buddies! Here is a sketch I did last evening while playing the nostalgic game of my youth. OH, the hours I used to (and still do) spend tromping through dungeons and combating vile creatures of fantastical nature. Yes indeed I am a geek, but I ask you are not we all geeky about something? And who the hell cares about being "serious" anyway? I'd rather have fun and enjoy myself and I happen to like sitting around with people and sharing imaginative stories that involve a slight random challenge. Plus I really like rolling dice and I stink at gambling so this way I'm much safer and the money I "lose" is not so painful to let go of. Anyway, cheers to my D&D buddies for putting up with me and for letting me give away their guilty secrets. Huzzah!

And also a brush drawing I did on another favorite past time of mine. The woods of my youth are ingrained in my membrane! Enjoy the Weekend fellow primates.


Freaky Hussey said...

So I come back to the site today, look through everything again, and then spend a couple minutes trying to figure out how to comment. That's my comment on my aptitude for interweb techculture.

These are pretty damn nice Ryan. My faves are Anarchy II, the leaves, and the tigers. On the geek sketches I think you caught something with Mike and I but blew it with Chris. Also, I have man love for you.

Chris of the Purple House said...

Yeah, what Frank said. I don't feel you got my eyes right. Spend more time staring into my eyes. You are getting sleepy. You love to bowl. You love to bowl.

Ryan Buck said...

Everbody's a critic. What else do you expect from an inadequately inebriadted dwarf?