Thursday, October 05, 2006

Manifesto of a Crazy Naked Ape!

My responsibility as an organism on this planet is simple and straightforward. It is only preconditioning by societal representatives encountered in my youth that has made it so confusing to discover my true purpose as an interdependant organism. It is from an understanding of this purpose, like a well spring, that I draw both nurishment and inspiration. The world and its inhabitants must be accepted in all their myriad forms and formulations. The ocean refuses no river. Yet within the miasma of conciousness there are so many premutations to accept that oft times I am like a spider casting webs in a hurricane.
Still I have made for myself this sense of purpose and long forgotten responsibility; Yggdrassil, the World Tree, once supreme in a cultural context of universal identification, has, thankfully for me, become the prominent idea to which I attend. The vision of my raison d'etre centers upon the tending and furtherance of this great biological complex. Trees are the most important structure this planet has cultivated. Without them we have no atmosphere. Without them we have no multitude of life. With them we have all that we have. Even machines. Perhaps some far off ancestor misunderstood the capacity of our responsiblity to these massive producers of what we breath? Perhaps they thought more highly of their own accomplishments and not enough of the complete organization of life on this globe. I have no answer to the past, nor do I seek to form one. I know only that I do what I can to allow this earth to continue to produce life, whatever form it may take, far after I and my species are but the remembrances of dust-mites. It is to the tree that I owe my utter devotion and existence. I hope that in some small way I can live the remainder of my life not making their job harder than I already have. Huzzah!

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