Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Power Symbol

The first divinity was the worship of the eye. All life corresponded with it's opening and returned to darkness with it's closing. The Egyptians praised it's power, making it the Supreme Symbol of the Goddess Maat who weighs the hearts of all those passing before Osiris against a feather. The ancient Solar deities were all manifestly connected with the Eye, a giant flaming watcher in the sky. The Hindu's speak of all reality being but the time's between great Krishna's dreams. We exist while his Eye's are closed and when he opens them, we vanish. Think on the uses of the Eye. It's functioning in interpretting data and relaying information to the brain. How through the extrapolation of light we are informed of the reality around us. What beauty would you fill your eye's with? What wonder would you choose to behold? My Eye's are more than just windows, they are my first memories and they shall be my last when once again I descend into eternal darkness.

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