Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Monster Machines!
One of my biggest concerns about myself is that I am becoming more and more entangled in the inescapable reliance upon machines to sustain a daily living. There does not a day go by that I do not, in some form or other, turn on, use or manipulate an electronic device. Even now, at this very moment I am engaging in their use. Being a "dependant organism" I understand the attachments I must make in order to survive. The aquistion of food, warmth, and shelter being primary for that purpose. And though I accept and acknowledge the great efforts of other naked apes (perhaps crazy, though I'll leave you to decide) in "bettering" our organisms position on this planet I often lament the skills and traditions I have forgotten through my reliance on machines. I have no solution aside from attempting to limit said reliance. However being both crazy and some what of a pessimist I do not forsee ever entirely being able to. This image was inspired by these feelings and by Jack Kirby, a great designer of mad machines, Huzzah!

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