Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dreams, Dreamers and Dreaming things.

Everysince reading Carlos Castenedas' "the Art of Dreaming" I have been trying to train myself to be a more lucid dreamer. Attempting some of the techniques explained in the book as well as other various "mythical" practises I've discovered in reading a plethora of antique portfolios I have yet to pass into the realm of controled dreaming. The only thing I have been able to muster is a sense of self and reliance while dreaming. I am no longer cast willy nilly about by the nocturnal chemical ocean of my mind. However I still feel the presence of a larger obstacle looming over my night visions. Recently this little fellow visited me and though I feel I handled the encounter with every appropriate action so as to not upset either it or the balance of my dream training, I still find myself impelled to recreate this visitor visually. I haven't quite captured it here, but this is as close as I have come thus far. I return you now to your dreams and remind you to remember the power you possess in your own hands.

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