Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Somewhere in the indefinably finite realm of vast blackness, we call space, there are rumors of a transport to other worlds. Where this transport came form and who built it? No one can say for certain. What little is known of it is often scoffed at by people who claim to be great thinkers. It's appearance is extremely rare. But let that not sway you to think that the story you are about to read is false or in anyway untrue. For all of these events did happen and were related to me by a person I have very much come to trust. The simple fact that they did not happen to you does not invalidate them. Nor should you assume this is merely some product of a writer's fancy. If you are ever to expand your conciousness beyond the little round world you live in, then look up in the night sky and watch as the stars dance along their circuit, perhaps one evening you will glimpse it. And if you are very lucky you may even catch a ride on the Space Rail.

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alexis said...

that's so much more poetic than anything i've written today....
good reminder to see beyond what you see, seeing from the energenic center....blah blah blah

is that with the whatcom tablet?