Monday, November 20, 2006

More Altered Photos!

I know I said that I would move onto something else but I can't stop messing around with this new discovery. It is a sick fascination with self berratement. Why can't I do the techniques this computer program does so easily? Am I truly that untalented? Have I wasted my time trying to learn the finer arts? Should I just give into the machine? I'd like to say NO!, however what part of my life isn't ruled over by some kind of machine? Even the clock is a machine that keeps me up to speed with the rest of humanity. Lately though I am growing disheartened with such a connection, especially as it is so unfulfilling. What does it matter if I'm "on time" with the rest of the planet. Why isn't the rest of the planet on time with me? All this from a couple of photographs and a computer that's smarter than me? Oh well hope you check in again soon (maybe I'll really have gone crazy by then, now won't that be entertaining?).

1 comment:

Chris in Oly said...

You seem really troubled by using these computers. Watch out you do not start a new Ludditte revolution! Otherwise the art looks cool. I like the creepy gaunt general.

Love the computer!